Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Is there a misconception or do you know the real deal??  Is Mixed Martial arts is too dangerous for our children? Lack of movement, exercise, stretching, and bad eating is what is dangerous.  What are your kids doing this summer and after school??  Sitting on the couch, playing video games, eating fast food, snacking all day??  Inactive kids are at the highest risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, low self esteem, low bone density, poor cardiovascular health, behavioral disorders and so on.
American Top Team in Davie and in Weston both teach MMA to kids, which also includes self-defense classes based on Krav Maga, the Israeli-developed combat system. Kids are taught how to escape an attacker, freeing themselves from wrist holds and strangleholds, and then flee while attracting attention. These skills can save kids' lives.
A big misconception is that practicing MMA makes kids more violent when in fact, kids who train in martial arts -- any form of martial arts -- tend to become more responsible, more mature and far less likely to engage in any sort of violence. They are taught self control and self discipline and are actually less violent.

I am a huge sports fan with football being my personal fave. However, statistics show that kids sustain more injuries playing football, basketball and hockey.  MMA lessons are taught in the presence of experienced instructors, on mats, and kids wear protective gear. 

Get your kids involved in learning MMA with the #1 Team in America....AMERICAN TOP TEAM in Weston and/or Davie.  See you soon!

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